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Dec 7, 2012 6:00am EST
survivors and the inspiration for his trip at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> retiring senators joe lieberman and john kyl discuss iran's nuclear program, syria's civil war and the israeli-palestinian conflict. senator lieberman chairs the homeland security committee and senator kyl chairs the terrorism subcommittee. from the foundation for the defense of democracy this is just under an hour. >> thank you so much. i will thank you more formally in a few minutes the we will start with a conversation, this is a wonderful time to pick your brain and talk with you. let me start with you if i may. when you came to congress the united states was engage in a cold war against the fatality rate regime. as you leave the senate the united states is engaged in an asymmetrical war against i would argue totalitarian regimes, movements and ideologies. have you made any progress? >> we have made progress. i was about to quote when in, two steps forward , two steps forwardlenin , two steps forward, two steps forward and two steps back. it was progress when the berlin wall went down and the soviet union collapsed, rema
Dec 5, 2012 7:30am EST
. john redwood. >> being sensible about money and credit to feel the private sector recovery has the chancellor update us on when rbs may be in a position to increase the balance sheet to make the phones available, when it might start to make a profit for the taxpayer and when -- when you consider the comment of those of us who think he does need to be split up to have more plentiful banking? >> again, i very much respect my right honorable friend's observations on the problems in our banking system. there is an aggressive plan to reduce the bad bank elements of rbs. that plan is on track. but as i said to this house earlier i wanted to proceed -- see more done and rbs is reducing the size by considerably of its investment bank. and, of course, it's also had advice recently from the financial policy committee. had to take that advice into account. >> mr. speaker, if i understood the chancellor correctly, the profile of rising growth in announce today looks remarkably similar to the same profile be announced in 2010 which failed to materialize. that, of course, is one of the reaso
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am EST
% of our push john the character would have taken place without iranian supply, iranian support. and, in fact, the ethnic minorities of iran are located most in the border areas of iran. so it affects a broad relationship with a number of neighboring states, with pakistan, with turkey, with turkmenistan, with iraq because there's co-ethnic on each side of the border for which is meant for the states that iran's neighbors. many of the top leaders of iran actually ethnic azerbaijani. khamenei is from azerbaijan northwest iran. the head of the green movement is also ethnic, and despite the integration of azerbaijani into the leadership of iran, all these done for you minorities are not allowed to use the language in schools that do not allow to use it in court. and the azerbaijani among them a third of the publishing and women going into trust and courts in persian and not understand even what's happening in the courtside. the ethic lenders have a variety towards tehran, towards the state. most of the iranian azerbaijanis i was today seem so the citizens of iran but would like a place a
Dec 11, 2012 6:00am EST
and john mica to the central valley to look at this issue and we do not agree on the ultimate thoughts of your perspective of this project, you have been very conscientious in wanting to do what is best for central valley and hope to provide you with that plan, the secretary being here and others to get it done. today we are here to discuss the high speed and inner-city passenger rail opportunities and are also want to acknowledge secretary ray lahood who has come to answer our questions and want to make sure we are well informed, thank you for that. as a member of the railroad subcommittee and co-chair of california high speed rail caucus and vice chair of the bicameral high-speed rail caucus the development and implementation of a national high-speed rail system is one of my highest priorities. china is offering 13 types of railways and has 20 under construction. by 2020 this network will cover nearly 10,000 miles. when i looked at the title of this hearing about what mistakes have been made it seems to me one of the number one mistakes is our lack of continued commitment to high spe
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4